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Generating more traffic to the company website is important for a successful business. This is possible if you have a good website. A professionally designed website will offer you the much desired distinct edge over your competitors. Hiring a professional website designer will boost the image of your organization.

Take the following into consideration when hiring a website designer:

Local Designer

Hiring a local designer comes with a lot of advantages. A local web designer is quicker in response. Communication across time zones is easier. Reputed local designers offer highly dependable, instant responses to queries of their clients. The key to successful website designing is prompt communication. Since they are in the local area, designers can establish effective relationships with their clients beyond phone calls and emailing. Local designers are under obligation to hold themselves accountable to clients to be able to stay in business.

Designer’s Portfolio

Strictly avoid choosing a website designer randomly. Make sure the designer you choose to provide you with their best work on display. The website designer you plan to hire should have a web portfolio. If the designer does not have one, do not hire him/her. Not having one is a clear indication that the designer has very little experience. You must carefully look through each of the designs. This will help you get an idea of range, preferences, and versatility of the designer. Also visit the websites designed by the designer to get a better idea on his/her calibre.

The Service Included

A website design is not just about writing code. It is a skill beyond technical skills.You can benefit if the designer offers you a complete package that includes content writing and many other formats. The designer should also be skilled in understanding what your business is all about and recognize the needs. All of the ideas needs to be integrated into a web-friendly format.


Is hosting available? A web hosting service is what allows a business to make its website accessible on the Internet. Web hosts provide data space and connectivity to a varying degree. If a web designer provides hosting to clients as an option, this can save clients from the unforeseen costs of using a random host with little data space and low connectivity, which both acutely affect user experience.

SEO is Important

Your website designer should provide SEO. Search engine optimization is the secret to drawing more traffic towards a website. The services are capable of maximizing a hits of website that targets specific keywords and search terms. A reputed and experienced web designer with complete understanding of SEO will provide this service to clients.

Copyright Issues

A website needs to be integrated with clear, attractive images. It is crucial for a designer to follow all copyright related regulations on photos and images. He/she should use only free public images or buy brilliant stock photography. Some of the other resources such as Microsoft Office Image Gallery, Google Images, and copying images from another website is a sheer case of copyright infringement. Designers should never indulge in illegal shortcuts. They should ONLY use trademarked images to avoid penalty and fines.

Additional Services

Is the website designer capable of developing mobile websites? This is very important. With more and more people using smart phones to browse the World Wide Web, it has become almost compulsory for businesses to create mobile websites. This is also crucial to broaden the reach of a company. Unfortunately, a lot of web designers are not aware of making a mobile-compatible version of a website. This is a serious blow to business growth in the long run. People use their smartphone and table devices to search online for various businesses and sites. Only a skilled and experienced web designer can make websites fit perfectly into a compact screen of a mobile device. They also need to offer relevant mobile options to clients including coupons, click-to-call ability, location map, etc. It is a well designed and built mobile-compatible website that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Scalability of Website

With the growth of a business, the website also needs to be enlarged for accommodating growth. Scalability can be explained as the ability of a system to increase so as to meet the overall requirements of business. A skilled and experienced designer can easily implement a plan for growth of the website.

Author Bio : Vicky Rathore is an SEO Manger at Smanik Design is a top Web Development & Designing Company in Delhi.

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