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Social Media

We are the brand managers. We creatively help your brands be aired and heard. Social media optimization is our branding tool to help engage and cultivate your clients conversationally and socially. Through social media optimization, your voice can be filtered to be heard distinctly over and above the market noise.

What We Do

We help you to listen. We take the burden of listening off your neck by helping you capture all relevant conversations pertaining to your brand, competitors, market analysis, products and services in all available social media frontiers. Through ongoing social media monitoring and conversation audit, we will position you strategically to understand the underlying issues and sentiments trailing your brand as wellas the volume and topics of these conversation so that you will be able to interpret the market effectively and at the same time make informed decisions.

Our consultancy services are focused on developing your overall social media strategies. We provide customized ad-hoc social media consultancy and general advice. We offer specialized trainings adapted just for your organization, well-designed and implemented social media interactions, recruit and groom for specific social media roles, as well as act as advisors in preparing for and handling crisis when the chips are down.

We help define and refine your engagement processes. Social media is all about being heard and to be heard you need to be positively engaged in meaningful and productive conversations. We will turn around your whole social media engagement igniting positive word-of-mouth conversations. This, we achieved through conversation platforms, influencer campaigns, community building, advocacy programs, conversation response, social applications and reputation management.

There is a whole new world before you to explore with social media optimization. We will help you walk the walk and talk the talk. In each of these areas, we combine our extensive knowledge of brands and marketing communications works coupled with creative,strategic, powerful technology potentials, and innate sensibility for social media gives us the needed leverage. With aworld-class teamof experts supported by a network of partners, we work with clients worldwide on turn-key and defining projects.

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