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 Marketing is a crucial aspect for the success of every business. There are many methods of marketing that can be adopted by a business and staff at SManik Technologies is proficient in making available these effective methods to our clients. It is a known fact that people of the present age rely heavily on the internet and utilizes it for their personal and professional purposes. Executives too make use of the internet to set up their business online and acquire more clients. Our agency, being one of the premier Search Engine tool offerer, is able weave winning Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns that help a business to achieve a flourishing client network.

What we do?

As is common knowledge, search engines is the most effectual way to find out relevant information we might need on the internet. This is the reason that almost all types of businesses wish to have strong search engine visibility. Here we come to help the companies by assisting them in finding out the suitable clients and buyers for their services or products.

We run the business advertisements and company websites through Google Search, Yahoo Search, Google Mobile Network, Content Network and Microsoft Adcenter. Apart from these search engines, we also help companies to grab customers from across the international market through globally-accepted search engines.

Search engine marketing has many benefits and it is definitely a better way to market as compared to other traditional methods. Not only is it beneficial, but is also very cost effective. Search engine marketing is among the most economical ways of online marketing. More and more businesses are adopting this kind of marketing techniques to gain more customers at a very low investment. If a business advertises on a radio or banners, then the rate of growth will be low as compared to the growth through search engine marketing. People are beginning to realize the importance and usefulness of this process and that is why more and more businesses are switching to search engine marketing.

What we do at SManik Technologies?

Being one of the top Indian Google partners, our SEM team is highly proficient in Click-to-Visit-Drop Tracking, setup of Analytics account, implementing codes on client website, Adwords and Linking analytics, testing of website optimizer, reporting, in page analytics and the like.

There are various interim measures like CTR (Click Through Rate), Cost-per-lead, CTC (Cost Per Click) and Cost-per transaction that we take care of while managing client accounts. We make use of both automated and manual optimization tools to benefit our clients in accomplishing their business goals.

Here we do not work on the basis of ‘one size fits all’ formula. We first understand the size and scope of your business and then suggest the best possible online marketing campaign to expand your business. We also take pride in offering training services to our clients so that they can apply SEM techniques to promote their business online.

Further, we have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well that helps the organizations in this highly competitive virtual place where Google traffic is the main determiner of success of any website.

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