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These days, people find different ways to make money with WordPress. If you have never thought of making money by using WordPress, here are some proven ways to do so:


Creating and Selling Plugins

Running a blog is not possible sans using at least a few plugins. Almost everyone uses plugins to add extra features and run WordPress blog positively. Many thousands of plugins are available in WordPress. The best part is some of them are absolutely free. The rest are premium and paid ones. So when you are capable of finding a solution to a problem and create a plugin for it, you have actually created a way to make passive income. So try and assess some of the existing plugins that have been making good money. Also understand the way you can do the same. This will help you create a constant cash flow.

For selling WordPress plugins, it is important that you create them by focusing on a specific need. These plugins can be sold at CodeCanyon. Also try and sell it from your own blog or create a separate site for it.

Develop Themes

Are you a web designer or developer? If yes, then you can easily make money by developing WordPress Themes. Designing for target audience is important when creating a wonderful looking WordPress theme. Having a clear idea of who you are designing your theme for will let you get success. A lot of companies are designing attractive themes for WordPress sites to generate passive income streams. These companies are making millions over the years. All they do is hire a few designers and sell appealing themes daily.

If you are a novice in this field, have a team or join a venture. Try selling themes at Mojo Themes, Themeforest, Creative Market, etc.

Consulting Services

Offer consulting services will let you make money with WordPress. So if you are good at WordPress, a great portfolio will let you make a passive income stream. Offer consulting services for free to some of the top influential bloggers across WordPress community. Get feedback once they are satisfied with your work. They can also share a review of your services on their blog. The process will boost your online sales.

Theme Customizations

If you are a professional developer and have some extra time on hands, then it would be a good idea to offering customization services. These days, many developers are making decent side earnings via offering services for website customization, theme and/or plugin customization on various websites such as Freelancer and Upwork. It is possible to offer these services through your own website.

There are many WordPress users who can easily install a theme, but not comfortable with making changes for custom post types or page layouts due to lack of technical skills. So you can offer up your services. These can be offered at as a plan / package or per hour rate.

Content Writing

Offering content writing services will help you make money online. Write well and showcase your services on your website.

Start Your Own Website

This is the best thing to do in the online world. Experts recommend starting a website for one’s own business. So, don’t wait anymore and launch your own WordPress blog or site. You will instantly start making money. Create a dedicated service page. Here, you can offer all that you can do for clients. It is important to state your past work in the portfolio. Also include a few testimonials. The idea is to try and engage with influential bloggers for creating a thriving network and attract more clients.

Monetizing Blog

Besides offering products or services on your blog, it is possible to create a passive income. Some of the best ways to do so is via using sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, selling ads, etc. from your blog. The best part is that you don’t require making additional efforts. Simply use the power of content and traffic you already have.

Affiliate programs are offered by several marketplaces and service providers. Reputed web development companies and experts recommend Creative Market, Themeforest, Shareasale, and CJ Affiliate. All you need to do is simply sign up for an account and add links in posts right where it feels natural.

Try offering your own ad packages for selling ads. You may also work through a professional company involved in buying and selling ads. Try signing up for a Google Adsense account. Thereafter, you should insert your code. This allows the network of Google to handle the ads. Additionally, you will get a check every month.

To Sum Up

There’s no need to be a WordPress mastermind to make a living. Doing any of the above and knowing how to sell yourself or a product will let you get plenty of chances to make good money with WordPress. Know what your target audience actually wants. This will let you get on the right track.

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