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A business website demands a lot of care and attention. Right from keeping pace with advanced technology to integrating strategies, one needs to be on the toes all the time. It is about making the most of your efforts and attracting more traffic to the site.

WordPress Plugin Development Service

Most website owners focus on high quality content creation which is important for earning Google ranking and increasing flow of traffic. As far as attracting a significant amount of traffic to a website is concerned, there’s a lot one can do. Using some of the incredible WordPress plugins is one of them. It helps in optimizing, promoting and auditing a website to increase traffic.

Here are the best ones you can bank on:


Content marketing is important for achieving a higher SEO ranking. That’s where a standalone plugin such as Scribe can help. The plugin is quite useful for research of content development strategy. The built-in search functionality can be used to write high quality content that matches up with varied trends and terms of your site.

You simply need to align your content with the accurate search terms through the Internet. This will help Scribe plugin create valuable and relevant content for search engine ranking. The plugin also comes integrated with a website connector tool. It lets you find key influencers and bloggers dealing or interested in similar topics, websites and titles to yours. Hence, you can share your content with them. If you are looking for a tool that help you get the most out of your content and even optimize it to attract more traffic, Scribe is the best option.


This is a user friendly, easy-to-install plugin for WordPress. It easily syncs with all major social media outlets which means visitors don’t face hassles while sharing your content.

Sharebar effectively links a website page or an article to social media. It instantly creates a link between your business website and their accounts. You can expect improved exposure for your site through organic sharing. This is very important for increasing your search engine ranking and website traffic.

You can select the social media outlets that best suit your content. This will let Sharebar show all those outlets to your forthcoming posts.

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter works thoroughly for viral content. This easy to install and use plugin creates an automatic post of your content to your Twitter account. So there’s no need to copy and paste links into a new tweet. This plugin will do it all for you automatically as and when you publish new content. Twitter is a great outlet for content going viral.

All you need to do is create the customizable Tweets template in advance. This will direct the plugin to repeat your template for each new post. A reputed WordPress plugin development service will recommend using it for best results. WP to Twitter will offer you a sidebar widget for your website. It displays all of the recent tweets, and even shortens post URLs automatically. You can get your content auto-published on Twitter using this plugin and then watch your traffic grow through tweet shares.

Facebook Comments

Facebook posts attract many comments. These are simply amazing for the community and SEO value of your site. The plugin helps your visitors comment on your posts and content via allowing them to comment via Facebook. Readers can easily log in to comment on your website through their Facebook accounts.

Websitez Mobile Optimization

It is no secret that mobile browsing legitimately exceeded desktop and laptop browsing in the year 2014. However, this hasn’t convinced most businesses to have a mobile-optimized version of their website. A website which is not aptly optimized for tablets and phones cannot help users hit your site. They will reach the website of your competitor. The present age audience does not appreciate a heavy and unruly navigation experience.

Integrating this plugin will help you to create a new advanced mobile-friendly version for your business website. The facility is available for just $50. Now, as an entrepreneur, you can certainly afford to make that much investment. This will ensure that your website is functional and attractive for mobile visitors.

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